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Telsa X Towing Package

Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:10 am

Towing a big caravan around the country with an electric SUV is now a reality. Tesla Model X 75D
Road Test

Imagine touring the country, big caravan behind, never having to stop at a smelly fuel bowser to fill the fuel tank again… Or having to worry about finding a fuel stop in a remote Outback region, full stop! Instead, the panels on your van or tow vehicle's roof harvest the sun's energy as you cruise along, topping up the vehicle's onboard battery that powers the electric motors propelling the wheels along almost effortlessly, quietly and with zero emissions... Or, if there's not enough sun, plug into a fast-charger at a roadside stop or caravan park that will get you charged up and back on the road in minutes... Sound farfetched? Maybe, but this scenario may not be too far into the future, with the first piece in the puzzle – a long range, all-electric SUV that can tow more than two tonnes – recently arriving in Australia.

Tow Test is go
In order to conduct what is most likely the first tow test of a Tesla Model X in Australia, we travelled to Adelaide’s Camperagent caravan dealership where director John Munro has just taken delivery of not only one of the first Model X Teslas in the country but also one of the first with the optional $1150 towing package.

A self-confessed electric car fan, Munro already had a Tesla S sedan in the garage before purchasing his seven-seat Tesla X last month. It’s an entry-level 75D with a 75kWh battery powering dual motors, one for each axle to deliver all-wheel drive traction.
Although there’s really nothing ‘entry level’ about this hi-tech vehicle, with a starting cost around $165,000 and various option boxes including premium stereo, soft leather, metallic paint and third row seats lifting the on-road price to $194,000.
This is unbelievable! The reviewer says it felt nice and stable becasue elecetric cars are low to the ground and the range dropped 30% from 378 km's to 300km's. So not a huge drop for towing. The thing is you would really need to know where your fast charging stations were for a long trip.

There is a good video on this site that I wasn't able to copy and post here so I will leave the link and you can see it there ... st-106452/

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Re: Telsa X Towing Package

Tue Mar 21, 2017 6:18 am

This is a different towing video than the one on the link but they are towing a boat with an electric vehicle lol awesome!!

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