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New Charging Points in Edinburgh

Thu May 30, 2019 11:14 am

There are now 18 brand new EV charge points at University of Edinburgh’s Pollock Halls campus. These charge points are available to use for anyone with an EV and what’s even better is that there are no parking fees. There is a maximum stay of 3 hours but it is in a handy location if your car needs a longer charge.

There is Salisbury Green Hotel and Bistro on-site with a lounge that serves hot drinks and snacks as well as free Wi-Fi. There is also an ATM and a small shop on campus.

The charging bays are in a secure car park, an entrance barrier is manned 24/7. The security guard at the barrier will let you know which charge points are free when you arrive. There is monitored CCTV in operation in the car park as well.

A handy spot to charge your EV with loads of charging bays. Here is a link with more information on the charger types as well as directions. (Please note at time of writing, the link only mentions 2 charge points, there are now a total of 18). ... mapZoom=13

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