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XC90 Check Engine light, Software, and used Smart Key

I recently had my car upgraded with the most current software (2017 April Build date Inscription T8) So now I have the diagnostic screen where it shows a picture of the vehicle and then checks off major systems as functional. While having that done they also replaced the fuel filler seal? Apparently a recall or recommended service. Bottom line, the next day the check engine light came on. We were in Corona Del Mar (Orange County, CA) and driving back to Santa Barbara. I stopped off at a dealer that was close to our home (50 miles) and the service tech wanted us to leave the car for several hours. I indicated that our dog was in the back and we were packed to the guilds. Could he not just hook it up and tell me if the check engine light was dire or something I could deal with later. He said that he could not, but asked if the car drove ok. I said yes that we could not notice any problems. He suggested that we continue on our way that it was probably not a big deal. The following day I took out one of my Bluetooth OB2 readers and hooked it up. I had originally purchased this for the 2015 Highlander. It is generic in that it reads the generic codes. I found that it was the P0455 which is related to a large emission leak associated with the filler and tank system. I immediately wondered if it was related to the replacement of the seal. So I called the service tech at the dealership. He indicated that the generic code does not automatically convert to Volvo's specific codes. So that was not much of a help. I went ahead and cleared the error out of the system. Afterwards I restarted the car to see if it would again register. So far so good. So it may have been the system assumed that there was a large leak based upon the removal and replacement of the seal. At least I hope that was it. I do like the fact that there is no longer a gas cap to twist off. We can thank Ford for that improvement. I had also purchased a used smart key for the car. Unfortunately, each key once programed to a car is not able to be reprogramed to another car. This is what I was told. I wanted to have one as back up to the fully functional two keys and the one simple key. So, if I want that I will have to spend around $350 for the key and another $135 for programing.

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