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Battery was Charged, Appears Dead with Clicking Sound

Hello Everyone,

First time I have had to post about this car as we have had zero problems to date. That said, there was an issue that I encountered that I wanted to post with its resolution to add to the knowledge base for this great vehicle!

Scenario: My wife returned home with groceries. Hands full, she was unaware that did not shut the back cargo door completely, and she did not attempt to lock the vehicle. She got distracted and did not return to lock it. Car had 110 miles on the battery.

Next day, she goes to drive the vehicle. The dashboard display turns on, but was "acting strange". She tried to press the start button. She heard a click, click, click, click...very fast. The brakes lost their hydraulic pressure and became difficult to press in. The car went completely dead. It would not turn on.

The way she initially described it, it sounded like a software or system malfunction. We had 110 miles on the battery the day before, so we assumed it could not have run out of juice, even with the trunk door slightly ajar. It was also weird that when we plugged it in to charge, the car light didn't turn green, it would not charge, the charger turned green but it would not show that it was charging.

When the tow truck arrived, he plugged in a portable charger into the 12v auxiliary battery and right away the car started without any issue. That's all. This is for the poor soul wondering wtf is happening to their otherwise awesome car!


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