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Will self driving vehicles promote greater technology power elsewhere?

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This is so true. To keep up with the autonomous cars alone technology is going to have to produce faster more on point results. Think of how this will effect other areas both good and bad some may say. Artificial intelligence comes to mind for me
As more self-driving cars hit the road in the coming years, sophisticated communications systems will rely on a fast, reliable network that’s capable of being a data superhighway.

Self-driving or autonomous cars are a hot topic, but the road to autonomous driving is curvy and complicated. It’s full of blind turns as engineers, automakers, regulators and data scientists map out a radically different future for automobiles.

That future is fast approaching. In January, the BMW Group, Intel and Mobileye said a fleet of about 40 of their autonomous test vehicles will be on roads by the second half of 2017. Intel already has a fleet of vehicles roaming the streets of Chandler, Ariz., as well as autonomous driving garages or “labs on wheels” operating in Germany, Oregon and California.

And those test vehicles will help each other learn.

Often when thinking about a self-driving car, it’s easy to consider it a singular thing — like the occasional driverless Google research car on the highway. It’s a cool car out there, but it has seemingly nothing to do with the driving experience of anyone else on the road.

But as more autonomous cars come on the scene, that notion of singularity will change. Autonomous cars cannot exist in vacuum — the more cars on the road, the more developed, safe and sophisticated the autonomous infrastructure will become.

“Autonomous cars require us to consider many things previously thought impossible,” said Kevin Hattendorf, a director of product marketing in Intel’s Automated Driving Group (ADG). “And a lot of it hinges on a strong communications system.”.... A little promo video on it :D

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Re: Will self driving vehicles promote greater technology power elsewhere?

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This is a fantastic point. Yes it will and to the benefit of mankind. I see this opening up so many areas. For example, before HIV was a huge deal the immune system diseases like Lupas were not researched very much due to poor funding. HIV came along with massive funding and not only has Lupas made tremendous leaps and bounds with scientific and medical knowledge but so has so many immunity diseases that weren't even on the radar before HIV. I know, I know the example has nothing to do with this forum but you can see how the technology for self driving vehicles may intercept with perhaps the functioning of artificial limbs or cyber policing. If we put an abundance of money into an area that is able to use "if, then" statements why can't all types of delicate systems use this type of engineering and technology. I am totally ignorant about this stuff and I can see the use for it. I am sure someone more educated and well versed than I can totally see the big picture and impact

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Re: Will self driving vehicles promote greater technology power elsewhere?

Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:25 pm

oh now this go into very deep conversation.....:) I agree but I don't think we will see the benefits of the self driving technology run into other areas for a long time

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