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Tesla’s Semi truck looks fast in first leaked video

Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:47 pm

Tesla’s Semi truck looks fast in first leaked video
Chris Millshttp://bgr.com · Oct 10, 2017
A clip showing something that sure looks like Tesla’s Semi truck has popped up on YouTube, days after we saw our first leaked photo. The video claims to show a “test mule” of the Semi truck, a disguised version of the Semi hardware running in the shell of another truck, so as not to draw attention.
But if you watch the video, it’s clear that this is an electric truck. There’s no sound of a roaring diesel engine, no visible exhaust, and the truck pulls away much faster than anything towing a shipping container has any right to.
There’s plenty of reason to believe this is a test mule. Elon Musk has confirmed publicly that the first prototype of the Semi truck has been completed, so we know that there’s some kind of prototype in existence.

Furthermore, a leaked spy shot last week showed the shell of a Semi truck, but also the skeleton of what looks like a test mule in the background. You can see a vehicle that has a conventional front end, and a box strapped behind the cab of the truck. It looks nearly identical to the truck in the video.
Electrek says that it looks like the body of a Cascadia truck, which lines up with previous rumors about the test mule. Jerome Guillen, who used to be Daimler’s general manager for the Cascadia program, is in charge of Tesla’s truck program, so that also makes sense.
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Re: Tesla’s Semi truck looks fast in first leaked video

Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:10 pm

HAHAHAHAHHAHA this will never happen on October 26 maybe October 26 2018 but not this year lol :lol:
Tesla semi truck unveil event "tentatively" set for October 26
Darrell Etherington · Sep 13, 2017
Tesla had previously set September as the timeframe for their big unveiling of an all-electric semi truck created by the company. The big rig is now set to be shown off for the first time on October 26, however, in Hawthorne, California (which is where the SpaceX HQ is located).
Elon Musk tweeted the revised date on Wednesday, noting also that it would include a "test ride," meaning it'll be operational when it's first revealed to the public.
Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride tentatively scheduled for Oct 26th in Hawthorne. Worth seeing this beast in person. It's unreal.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 13, 2017
While Musk had originally set the September reveal window for the electric semi truck way back in April, it's not uncommon for the company's timelines to shift somewhat later than intended. All things considered, a mere month later is pretty much on track by Musk's standards.
The Tesla truck event could fill in more of our knowledge gaps about the Tesla transport vehicle, too – including whether or not it includes autonomous driving technology, as we learned is possible from a report in early August.
We could also get confirmation of its planned range: Reuters reported between 200 and 300 miles last month, which would require a significant battery pack, and potentially a lot of charging time to restore its range.
Musk himself promised some interesting additional surprises at the planned event, noting that it would include possibly "a little more than we're saying here" when discussing the event in June at the Tesla annual shareholder meeting.

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