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My opinion - EV's are not greener

Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:11 am

We read articles stating everyone knows the electric revolution is going to replace the internal combustion engine in the long run. I have to strongly disagree with this at this time. When it is proven that the EV is so much more superior to the combustion engine imperically I will bow to the winner but at this point there are way too many loose ends to say the EV is better than combustion. I even strongly strongly (lol) disagree with this more when using the word "green" alongside the EV and that is what makes if better. When we read in this early stage we don't have all of the truths. For sure everyone is super glad about getting rid of the burning of fossil fuels but the reality of it is , we can't always get rid of fossil fuels. For instance wind technology and electricity only comes from when there is wind to support the infrastructure. Countries will not be condemning and no longer using fossil fuels to support the electric vehicles green agenda. Do you think India is ready to do away with fossil fuels and spend billions of supportive dollars to ensure it reaches its green ev target - not a chance. India could turn to solar power but the cost would be ginormous so to create energy they will use the cheapest means possible. If we look at the mining industry and how green it is or isn't in reflection to the ev battery things are not coming up roses. At this point we have fossil fuels still being burned for energy and now we are not recycling or reusing battery components just raping the earth for more and more EV batteries. OOPS I thinks the combustion engine may be winning the green award at this point. I'm not sure how environmentally friendly the EV is compared to the combustible engine. I have yet to find laid out empirical fact for either or argument for both that I've looked that doesn't have a contradictory report following it as far as performance and maintenance. There are so many great things about the electrical vehicle that kicks butt on the combustible engine but those are not the things that the media is putting to play as front-runners the media is trying to say that the electric vehicle makes good people because it is a green vehicle. I find it hard to accept governments dumping billions of dollars into a type of transportation but not their own people. Eradicate poverty or homelessness. I am for buying a better vehicle at whatever cost. If there is going to be a product out there that is going to suit my needs better than another product then I will purchase it, I don't need a ton of rhetoric to make me feel falsely good about myself for it

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Re: My opinion - EV's are not greener

Wed May 08, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi Margaret,

I'm not sure if you have all the relevant points.

- EVs need less spare parts over their lifetime
- EV charging solution allows to only charge renewable energy or when there is most in the electric grid. (e.g. chargeblue.io)
- Ev motors have in general a higher efficiency and less heat production (better use of energy in general)
- EVs can be built lighter than combustion cars

Just want to show some points


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