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Canada behind on Electric Vehicles

Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:54 pm

A think tank out of Ottawa says they believe the world is less than 10 years away from electric and gas cars costing the same. Right now Ontario provides some pretty hefty incentive to purchase an ev, more so than other provinces like BC (in fact almost double what BC offers).
BC, Ontario and Quebec are the only three provinces who feel any commitment to the electric vehicle. The prairie provinces are not too willing to change infrastructure because gas prices are so low for them and the maritime and northern provinces don't really have the extra money to do it.
"The only way we will get to a point where an electric car is an equivalent or cheaper price than a gas car is if we can achieve a certain scale of production and to achieve that production we need to do more to make it easier for consumers to choose electric vehicles," said Dan Woynillowicz, policy director at the think tank.
The list of substantial infrastructure required is pretty overwhelming. For starters, Canada doesn't produce any mass-market electric vehicles. Less than half of the Canadian dealerships have electric vehicles to sell. Supply gets so limited it can take months before you drive your car off the lot. The waiting list for a Chevy Bolt is currently 8 months. For the lucky few who have their car, where to get it serviced is the next obstacle. Electric vehicle owners then face the charging dilemma. Who installs the home charging systems and do they have many options. If home charging can not happen where do you charge your vehicle.
In a recent report, Clean Energy Canada says this country is way behind on the government policies that elsewhere are helping spur consumers to adopt the new technology despite reservations about everything from price to reliability to the distance they can travel on a single charge.

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