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Elon's promises can't be met by today's technology

Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:14 pm

Elon Musk is a true charmer and idea envelope pusher, however, his semi truck ranges and charging times are not even possible at this point in time, not to mention the obstacles around construction of the battery pack itself. Let's take a look at the Tesla Semi truck. Musk promised it will haul an incredible 80,000lbs of cargo for 500 miles on a single charge. The semi then can recharge to add 400 miles in 30 minutes with Tesla's super duper battery chargers and charging network. Well here is where Elon missed telling us all an important fact: There is no battery charger or network strong enough to physically pull this type of demand off. We need at least 10x more power! Musk's claims are so far out there they exceed any industry standard by leaps and bounds. Perhaps one of his AI systems has gone rogue and given him the technology in his sleep. lol Sam Jaffe, battery analyst for Cairn Energy Research in Boulder, Colorado stated "I don't think they are lying (referring to Musk's claims) but they are banking on the technology being available in time when the new vehicles are actually ready for delivery" Well if this is the case then we can start peddling flying cars and collecting deposits for them hahaha. The louder and bigger Elon Musk professes his futuristic promises the farther we should run

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