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Why are we not all electric yet?

Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:51 am

There seems to be a few ideas on why the electric vehicle hasn't gone gang busters yet. As I look on the internet and read everyone's opinions I have to say I think they all sound full of merit. Some of the popular ideas are the price of gas is still cheap in so many places, the battery needs improvement and infrastructure is not in place.
I don't live in a place where gas is cheap or even close to reasonably priced but for those who do there would be no point for individuals to put out a ton of money for a new EV plus a home charging system. The battery situation for the EV has to change - Lithium is too expensive and manufacturers are not going to recycle it = big problem. Many of the "ingredients " for the battery has a very high price. They lack in the following areas: environmentally, sustainability, humanitarian and storage abilities to name a few. The battery itself is still quite volatile and not super safe. Finally, the infrastructure for and EV surge just isn't there. Even if only half of everyone purchased and EV, we could not service or even charge them all :) According to reports in 2016 2 million electric cars were on the road compared to 92 million combustible engine vehicles. These numbers are far apart, however I read something today that may change things. The city of Atlanta says all new construction must be EV ready. The new ordinance requires 20 percent of parking spaces in new commercial and multifamily parking structures to be EV Ready. New residential homes must also be equipped with the infrastructure needed to install EV charging stations. At this point I am not sure what the details of "EV ready" are but at least it is a step closer than yesterday

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Re: Why are we not all electric yet?

Wed Dec 20, 2017 5:32 am

I love the advancements in the EV but I am not sold it is the be all and end all as of yet. There is some huge environmental issues that the automobile makers need to commit to a green earth before I start shelling out the extra cash for one

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