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How eco friendly are EVs

Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:52 pm

After researching and reading a lot on electric vehicle sites this is an issue that I think is pertinent for discussion . There is no doubt electric vehicles are better for the environment however the residual effects of manufacturing and Regional location of how energy is created is an issue. Without sounding like a hater or somebody who disagrees with the environmentally friendly aspects of electric vehicles I would like to put more information out there on the pros and cons in a realistic manner

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Re: How eco friendly are EVs

Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:00 pm

I like this topic as there is too many articles that strongly sway to one side on the internet. I want to know that I am actually reducing my footprint. A good example is society has accepted that we can drink incredibly sugary and fatty coffee and not be judged for it but if we walked around drinking multiple milkshakes we would even though the coffee and the milkshake are close in comparison to nutritional value - 1 is accepted and one isn't. I would like to get all my facts straight before I indulge in a conversation with somebody the pros and cons of electric vehicles and their impact on the environment. I am a believer they are better for the environment

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Re: How eco friendly are EVs

Wed Aug 03, 2016 4:06 pm

For the record I believe the electric vehicle is environmentally friendly but you're right we have to think on global terms we may live in a country that produces energy responsibly but there are many many countries who don't India for one China as well. These are countries with massive populations that are already using the electric vehicle more than North America is and their energy is being made in a completely horrific way for the environment.... so on a global level would electric vehicles be environmentally friendly at this point on time?

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