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Nissan Unveils World’s First Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell e-NV200 – Video

Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:59 pm

Nissan has unveiled its prototype e-NV200 van, equipped with a SOFC (Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell) range-extender in Rio de Janeiro.

A 5 kW SOFC, and a 30 liter tank for bio-ethanol, extends the range of the vehicle up to 600 km (373 miles).

Nissan first announced developments of ethanol fuel cells about month ago, and Brazil would seem to be the ideal market for tests of SOFC.

Whether SOFC equipped plug-ins will be the answer to introducing zero-emission in South America remains a looming question. Nissan said that it intends to deploy “a range of [SOFC] vehicles over coming years“.

“The fuel cell prototype forms part of Nissan’s ongoing commitment to the development of zero-emission vehicles. Nissan already sells the world’s highest-volume zero-emission car, the LEAF, and is pioneering Intelligent Mobility systems that will be deployed in a range of vehicles over coming years.

In this latest zero-emission development, the e-Bio Fuel-Cell prototype vehicle runs on 100-percent ethanol to charge a 24kWh battery that enables a cruising range of more than 600km. Nissan will conduct further field tests on public roads in Brazil using the prototype.

Nissan e-NV200 with SOFC (Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell)
Research and development of the e-Bio Fuel-Cell was announced by Nissan in June in Yokohama. The powertrain is clean, highly efficient, easy to supply, and it runs on 100-percent ethanol or ethanol-blended water. Its carbon-neutral emissions are as clean as the atmosphere, which will be the part of natural carbon cycle. Also, the e-Bio Fuel-Cell offers the brisk acceleration and silent driving of an EV, along with its low-running costs, while boasting the driving range of a gasoline-engine vehicle.

Bio-ethanol fuels are mainly sourced from sugarcane and corn. These fuels are widely available in countries in North and South America, which feature widely established infrastructure. Due to the easy availability of ethanol and low combustibility of ethanol-blended water, the system is not heavily dependent or restricted by the existing charging infrastructure, making it easy to introduce to the market. In the future, people may only need to stop by small retail stores to buy fuel off the shelf.

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Re: Nissan Unveils World’s First Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell e-NV200 – Video

Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:05 am

In North America I think they are only selling these vehicles in the state of California as everywhere else does not have the infrastructure to make it viable for Nissan

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Re: Nissan Unveils World’s First Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell e-NV200 – Video

Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:57 pm

Wow the progressive technology in electric vehicles and vehicles using alternative methods to gas is mind-boggling

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