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Honda's new Clarity Electric sedan raises some uncomfortable questions.

Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:05 pm

Honda Motor Company (NYSE:HMC) finally offered investors some, er, clarity around its green-car strategy. In a presentation in New York last week, Honda showed off all three variants of its Clarity sedan -- powered by plug-in hybrid, fuel cell, and battery electric drivetrains.

But the details left a lot of analysts wondering exactly what Honda is thinking with these products -- and whether Honda is already falling behind in the emerging race to bring electric cars to the mass market.
Will the new Honda Clarity models sell?
Honda's goal of 75,000 sales over four years for all Clarity models combined is pretty modest. It should be able to make that number on the Clarity Plug-in Hybrid alone. At least on paper, the Plug-in Hybrid is a competitive offering -- though its toughest competition may turn out to be another Honda, the Accord Hybrid.

I certainly don't see the Clarity Electric or Clarity Fuel Cell generating more than a handful of sales over the next four years -- at least, not without some big price cuts, a range upgrade for the Electric, or both. ... ar-te.aspx

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