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The goods on the Honda Clarity

Tue Mar 28, 2017 1:05 am

I like the concept of fuel cells but I can't see any infrastructure to quickly come along with it. Also a concern would be that hydrogen is very flammable. What happens to the hydrogen in the vehicle when it is in an accident?
When it comes to Huffington Post autos, there’s a wide range of likes and dislikes. Some are enthusiastic about green technology, some are into just tech of any kind and some like anything with a luxury badge on the hood.

The new Honda Clarity is bound to appeal to almost everyone. It’s a fuel cell electric car. That means it generates electricity from a chemical reaction between hydrogen and air — specifically, the natural air that’s all around us.

Here’s the real trick of it all: It seems like the Clarity Fuel Cell car is creating power — energy to drive the car — out of nothing. But like so many other times in life, things that seem to be “nothing” are actually quite something. Ask any mom. “Oh, it’s nothing,” she’ll say. The truth is, that family meal or professional letter of recommendation she helped you with actually took a lot of work.

So the “nothing” of the Honda Clarity is that it’s simply an electric car similar, in some ways, to the Chevy Bolt or a Tesla Model S. One exception: You don’t plug this one in. Both Toyota and Hyundai also have hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles as well.

Instead of plugging the Clarity fuel cell vehicle in, you fill the pressurized tank with hydrogen. The range between fillups is about 366 miles depending on the terrain and your driving habits.

As a result of the chemical process that creates electricity, the Clarity fuel cell vehicle emits only clean water vapor. So that’s a zero-emissions vehicle when measured at the source. However, there’s an entirely separate discussion about wether or not cars like the Clarity are emitting fewer emissions when considering the entire manufacturing and shipping process versus a mechanically simpler Honda Civic or even buying a used hybrid.

When compared to other electric vehicles, the Clarity has some advantages and disadvantages. As a car, separate from the technology that powers it, the Clarity is much nicer inside with more interior space than cars like the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Mirai. It feels a lot like an upscale Honda Accord in many ways. ... 33072b38f0

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Re: The goods on the Honda Clarity

Wed May 17, 2017 8:03 pm

All the critics agree with you in that the biggest thing holding the fuel cell back is lack of infrastructure. I don't understand the logic behind introducing a vehicle that will not sell well due to a lack of infrastructure Why even bother introducing it?

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