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2017 Ford Focus

Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:38 am

The 2017 Ford Focus specs are not all that impressive. We see the same type of thing happening in other manufacturers models. The Sonata didn't upgrade their 2017 model either and its running with very little new innovate gadgets or mechanics. The vehicles are solid but nothing great new to look forward to.
Ford’s announcement that the 2017 Focus Electric will sport an EPA-rated driving range of 100 miles couldn’t have come at a less opportune time: Here we are driving and testing a ’16 model with a range of 76 miles when, in only a few months, it will be obsolete. Old kit. An iPhone 4 in an iPhone 6S world. If we were seriously considering the purchase of any electric, it would seem worth waiting for the ’17 Focus to arrive because we’d either get a third more range with the new one or a screaming deal on a leftover ’16 model. (We’d also get a chance to comparison shop the Focus against the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt and its claimed 200-mile range.)

That said, a range of 76 miles is enough for most commutes. (That we all use cars for more than just commuting explains why low-range EVs, such as the Focus, sell in minuscule volumes, but we digress). This author’s commute is just over 22 miles each way, including 15 miles of 70-mph highway. No home-to-office round trip was attempted without charging in the middle, however. One night, the Focus estimated the remaining range to be 22 miles when we got home (we made one stop between the office and home), so that’s nowhere near 76 miles, but also well within the comfort zone. Overnight, the Focus soaked up about 12 kWh of electricity, enough juice to provide a worry-free trip back to work.

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