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The Chevy Bolt is a great vehicle so why aren't dealers pushing it

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt Sam Abuelsamid
2017 Chevrolet Bolt

I can certainly understand the motivations that automakers have in trying to minimize the differences between traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and new electrified models. People are often averse to change, the canonical example being the introduction of new Coke. Yet over the course of the past two decades, we’ve seen dramatic shifts in society such as how we communicate in the 10 years since the debut of the Apple iPhone. Now is the time for automakers and their retail partners to change how they handle electrified vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt.

Problematic naming aside, the Bolt EV is in many respects one of the best products General Motors has ever built. Whether or not it is a viable product yet from a business perspective is something only GM’s accountants can answer and they aren’t talking. However, from the perspective of the average automotive consumer, there is no doubt in my mind that this vehicle should be at or near the top of their shopping list.

After first driving the Bolt for several hours last January on Tesla’s home stomping grounds in Silicon Valley, I just had the opportunity to spend a full week with it. After slowly ramping up production and availability over the course of six months, the Bolt is now available to order from Chevrolet dealers in all 50 states. Therein lies part of the rub. Chevrolet currently has about 3,000 dealers in the U.S. but aside from some dealers in California and a few other locations, most seem pretty averse to selling plug-in vehicles. Sales people often don’t understand them and try to steer customers to other products that might have higher margins. If you are at all interested in buying a plug-in vehicle and particularly a Bolt and a sales person tries to steer you elsewhere, turn around and walk away. There are plenty of Chevrolet stores and one near you will probably be glad to help. Don’t waste your time.

Despite not being able to legally sells cars directly to consumers in many states, Tesla does have an advantage with its company-owned retail stores. The staff have no other products to push and they know what EVs are all about. When you go into a Tesla store, they may try to upsell you from a Model 3 to a higher margin Model X or S, but you'll never drive out in anything that burns liquid fuel.
So the heading really caught my attention but the article itself doesn't answer the question or give any informative perspectives or guesses as to why this is:(

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Re: The Chevy Bolt is a great vehicle so why aren't dealers pushing it

Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:27 pm

Is this really a thing and if so is it effecting the availability of the Bolt? I haven't read any complaints that this may be a problem for people especially in the US. I agree the article had a catchy title but no resolve or even and industry quesstimate at what it would be :(

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Re: The Chevy Bolt is a great vehicle so why aren't dealers pushing it

Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:40 pm

News came out today that the Chevy Bolt will be sold nation wide! ... ic-vehicle

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Re: The Chevy Bolt is a great vehicle so why aren't dealers pushing it

Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:10 pm

This is really conflicting as some reports say this is not an issue and some reports say it totally is. The only thing I can think on why they may not push it is the dealer itself doesn't have the infrastructure to deal with maintenance or other issues

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