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Wiring a plug on a domestic charger's cable

Sat Sep 30, 2017 9:15 pm

This is a question for electricians. I am swapping a euro 2-pin plug for a UK 3-pin.

The euro plug contains a temperature sensor which is embedded in the rubber moulding of the plug body and is connected to two thin wires which are integral to the cable (the cable goes to a large plastic box which displays the charging and safety leds.

I cannot remove the sensor component from the euro plug without destroying it.
I found one reference online that the sensor might be 20k thermal fuse/ resistor.

I bought a new component and wired it to my UK plug.
When I plugged it into a 240v outlet, the leds lit up one by one, then extinguished in opposite sequence leaving just the red liight which looks like a plug symbol.

I then re-connected the plug, but this time also connected to my car's T2 input. Same sequence of lights.

I appreciate in hindsight I could have damaged the car, me or the cable, but we're all ok.

What component should I be soldering to those two thin wires ?

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